First 100 Think City EVs priced at $41,695

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Back in November of 2010, we reported that, come mid-2011, the electric Think City will hit the U.S. market at a price that's "just below $34,000 before incentives." While that price tag may still be accurate, that's not what the first 100 Think Cities will sell for. You see, Think's "below $34,000" price is just a "target" that the automaker aims to hit when the City launches at normal retail, but the first 100 Cities are burdened with a heftier $41,695 sticker price.

Think told Plugin Cars that the $41,695 price is only for the low-volume run of cars that the automaker is shipping out to fleets and select individuals. It is not the price at which the Think City will sell for when production ramps up and the general public gets a crack at buying it. Making matters even more confusing, Think told Plugin Cars that for buyers in Indianapolis, the City's current transaction price is $30,050.65. Apparently, that includes state sales tax and available state rebates, but not the $7,500 federal tax credit. So, what's the City's actual, official MSRP? That's still unknown.

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