Video: A wheelie how-to with Chris Pfeiffer

Chris Pfeiffer teaches us how to do a wheelie - Click above to watch video after the jump

Heads up, moto mavens; king of the BMW hoons Chris Pfeiffer has worked up a quick video to teach the world how to execute a proper wheelie. If anyone should know about taking the front tire off of the ground, it's Pfeiffer, who currently spends his days inflicting world-class abuse on BMW's best hardware in front of enthralled crowds.

Once you make it through all of the "do not try this at home" warnings in the how-to video, you just might learn how to send your bike's nose skyward without bouncing yourself off the pavement. Pfeiffer covers all of the intricacies of throttle and rear brake application to impart some of the knowledge he's accumulated as BMW's ultimate two-wheeled hooligan. Hit the jump to educate yourself.

[Source: Hell For Leather]

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