Kurgan Motorsports drops a 5.0 into a 5.0

Someone has finally wised up and combined the body of the original 5.0-liter Ford Mustang with the horsepower of Ford's 2011 Coyote 5.0-liter mill. The combination comes courtesy of Georgia-based Kurgan Motorsports, and, as one might imagine, it's a beast.

The engine fit right between the Fox Body's fenders without any cutting, but Kurgan needed to fabricate custom motor mounts, along with air conditioning and power steering brackets to hang to the engine. Custom Kooks headers keep the gases flowing the right way, and a Tremec T-45 handles the added twist.

Though the car is certainly impressive as it sits, Kurgan says there's a supercharger in the works.

[Source: StangTV]

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