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Junkyard Gem: 1982 Ford Fairmont Futura Sedan

The sedan sibling of the '82 Mustang, now retired in Phoenix

This 1982 Ford Fairmont Futura is a discarded example of Ford's Fox-Platform compact sedan of the Malaise Era, photographed in a self-service junkyard in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kurgan Motorsports drops a 5.0 into a 5.0

Someone has finally wised up and combined the body of the original 5.0-liter Ford Mustang with the horsepower of Ford's 2011 Coyote 5.0-liter mill. The combination comes courtesy of Georgia-based Kurgan Motorsports, and, as one might imagine, it's a beast.

LX-Prize: 80 MPG '87 Mustang with 400 HP

Doug Pelmar's 1987 Ford Mustang LX Coupe might have just become our favorite X-Prize competitor. How come? Well, first off, LX Coupes are awesome to begin with, but Mr. Pelmar's is even more special. Rather than neuter his 'Stang in the