Ford Racing Mustang sets half-mile speed record at Bristol [w/video]

David Ragan sets new record in 2011 Ford Mustang GT – Click above to watch video after the jump

NASCAR Driver David Ragan hopped out of his Ford Fusion and into a Ford Racing-modified 2011 Mustang GT and set out on the Bristol Motor Speedway to take a shot at the half-mile speed trials. The result? A new production car lap record of 98.497 miles per hour in 19.481 seconds.

Seeing a sub-100-mph speed for a track race may seem slow, but trust us, it's not. By comparison, a Yamaha superbike hit the course and managed a time of 19.582 seconds at a speed of 97.990 mph.

Ford Racing's modified Mustang uses a supercharger to add an extra 200 horsepower, bringing the total up to 624 hp. To manage that power, Ford Racing also fitted upgraded brakes and suspension parts. Click past the jump to see the Mustang, its new parts and David Ragan in action.

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