Ferrari FF crash – Click above to watch video after the jump

This is why we can't have nice things, CAR Magazine. Ferrari recently hosted a passel of journalists from around the globe in Italy to fully introduce the company's new FF to the world. You know, the sexy-as-sin shooting brake with a European price tag of £230,000? Yeah, that Ferrari FF.

Jethro Bovingdon showed up to represent the CAR crowd, but ran into a bit of trouble while trying to work up a video monologue and pilot the obscenely expensive Italian supercar through some narrow country roadwork at the same time.

Shortly after announcing that he intended to demonstrate "just how committed to the throttle you can be on a very twisty narrow road that shouldn't suit this car," Bovingdon managed to bash the FF off of a curb. According to CAR, the damage was limited to both wheels on the passenger side. We're guessing the repairs likely cost more than the tester's fancy sunglasses, but not by much.

Hit the jump to check out the in-cabin video of the incident for yourself. Thanks for the tip, Throwback!

[Source: CAR Magazine]

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