Video: How Ford fights interior glare

Ford Visual Performance Evaluation Lab – Click above to watch video after the jump

Engineers get to play with all the fun toys. Just look at the researchers within the Ford kingdom. In a quest to make sure FoMoCo cabins are easy to use no matter what the lighting conditions, the automaker has set up a special room with enough artificial light to accurately mimic the sun. All told, there are over 6,000 watts of power on hand, and the lamps ride on an automated track to provide various lighting angles. The room is part of the Ford Visual Performance Evaluation Lab.

Why go through the trouble of subjecting vehicle interiors to massive rays? With the increased number of LCD screens spread throughout its vehicles' cabins, Ford wants to make sure that drivers can accurately and quickly access applicable information without being hindered by pesky hangups like screen glare.

It also sounds like a sweet place to spend time during the darker months of Michigan's winter. Hit the jump to see a video of the lighting system for yourself.

[Source: Ford via Gizmodo]

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