French minister lessens pressure on Ghosn in Renault spy case

Carlos Ghosn at the Nissan Leaf battery plant groundbreaking – Click above for high-res image gallery

Last week, Renault's chief executive officer, Carlos Ghosn, came under fire when France's Socialist Party boss, Martine Aubry told France Info radio that Ghosn should take responsibility for the Renault "spy" case, saying that:

When an employee makes a mistake in a company, he does not have to apologize – he is out.

On Sunday, French industry minister, Eric Besson, eased the pressure on Ghosn a bit. When asked by RFI radio if Ghosn should resign over the debunked espionage scandal, Besson sort of dodged the question and he stated that the government does not want to destabilize Renault. Besson said that Ghosn played a pivotal role in establishing the alliance between Renault and Nissan and is now faced with major challenges tied to the launch of numerous electric vehicles.

On a related note, China, a nation previously thought to be involved in the Renault "spy" case, has, according to Reuters, expressed its utter disapproval of France's handling of the matter, saying that facts must be checked before implicating a nation.

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