NASCAR star Jeff Gorvette will compete in CARS 2

Jeff Gorvette from Pixar's CARS 2 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Our onslaught of CARS 2 character debuts continues this week with an exclusive reveal just for Autoblog readers. Pixar is letting us announce that NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon will make an appearance in the film as Jeff Gorvette, an up-and-coming Chevrolet Corvette C6.R that's "turning hoods wherever he competes."

More than just a cameo, Gordon's character will compete as a "respected competitor – and legitimate threat – at the World Grand Prix." Pixar makes no obvious connection to Gordon's actual roots in NASCAR, but the character of Jeff Gorvette is a Chevrolet and will wear #24 like Gordon's actual racecar, although obviously it isn't an Impala. We're not sure how the Corvette Racing team that just finished 3rd and 4th in this past weekend's season-opening 12 Hours of Sebring feels about having an oval racer portray its beloved C6.R GT2 car on film, but Pixar needed an accomplished road-racing car and probably wasn't interested in a character named Jeff Gimpala.

Darrell Cartrip from Pixar's CARS 2We're also privileged to announce that Darrell Waltrip will be returning as a character in CARS 2, reprising his role as racing announcer Darrell Cartrip, the "Kentucky-born #17 Chevrolet Monte Carlo known for his wild color commentary." He's graduated from being a Piston Cup announcer and will be on-hand to call the World Grand Prix in the sequel.

Check out both characters after the jump, including a video turntable of Jeff Gorvette. You can also view all of the new CARS 2 characters in our high-res gallery below that we continually update as new characters are announced.

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Jeff Gorvette (voice of Jeff Gordon)

Jeff Gorvette is one of the greatest American racecars alive today. Donning the stars and stripes of his country's flag, the #24 Corvette C6.R has proven his ability to succeed on the big ovals and the road courses of the Grand Touring Sports circuits. Having moved from his hometown of Vallejo, California to Indiana to be closer to the racing world, Gorvette's ability to accelerate at such a young age has turned hoods wherever he competes. His championships and number of victories are unmatched, making him a respected competitor-and legitimate threat-at the World Grand Prix.

Darrell Cartrip (voice of Darrell Waltrip)
Darrell Waltrip as voice of Darrell Cartrip in Pixar's CARS 2

Darrell Cartrip is a legendary multi-Piston Cup champion turned beloved racing announcer. The Kentucky-born #17 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is known for his wild color commentary, delighting Piston Cup fans with his humor, charisma and signature catch phrases-"Boogity, Boogity, Boogity! Let's go racin' boys!" He's spent years on the track, in the pits and in the grease, and he'll tell you all about it. This American Southern gentleman knows what it takes to win, and plans to bring that fervent expertise to calling the World Grand Prix.

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