Remember when German automakers' line-ups were fairly straightforward? Take Audi, for example. There was the A4, the A6, and the A8. And that was pretty much it. But now there's an A1, A3, A5, A7, TT, R8, Q5, Q7...the list keeps growing. And it looks ready to keep on growing, too, as reports come in of Ingolstadt's plans to bring back the A2.

The original A2, as you may recall, was a lightweight premium hatchback that was built from 1999 through 2005. A little too pricey and a little too ahead of its time, the A2 never gained the traction in the world's marketplaces (it was never offered in North America). But now that nearly every automaker is exploring smaller vehicles and customers are detaching themselves from the notion that luxury equates with a certain size, the time could be right for the A2's return.

Of course it would have to slot in between the new A1 and the existing A3, and differentiate itself from both. Sources suggest that the new A2's curb weight could actually undercut its predecessor, which tipped the scales at under 2,000 pounds thanks to its lightweight aluminum spaceframe construction. To get there, the A2 could be the first to use Audi's new MLB-Evo multi-material platform, made out of steel, aluminum and composites bonded, screwed and riveted together for optimal weight, rigidity and cost.

[Source: Autocar]

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