Meet the 1967 electric Ford Comuta

Forty-four years ago, Ford Motor Company unveiled a battery-powered concept car at the Geneva Motor Show. The year was 1967 and the electrified car was the Ford Comuta, a pint-sized concept with specs that pale in comparison to today's electric vehicles.

The Comuta topped out at a mere 40 miles per hour, could ramble down the road for 40 miles on a full charge and, at the time, the president of Ford told journalists that "cars like the Comuta could be available in five to ten years." Hmm, yeah.

The battery-powered Comuta is a blast from the past. Many modern-day electrics, such as the battery-powered Ford Focus, offer at least twice the range of the Comuta and top speeds that make them highway-capable vehicles. It's taken more than "five to ten years" for Ford to launch electrified rides, but the automaker's dream has now become a reality. [Ed note: good leg room, though]

[Source: Gizmag, Treehugger]

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