Tsunami in Japan destroys fleet of cars ready for shipping *Updated with video

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan levels auto shipping yard – Click above to enlarge

It's difficult to comprehend, let alone describe, the massive amount of damage an 8.9-magnitude earthquake and closely following tsunami could incur on a densely packed island nation such as Japan. While we struggle to wrap our minds around such catastrophic levels of destruction, one particular image strikes a chord with us auto-obsessive types.

Clearly, the leveling of a couple hundred automobiles pales in comparison to the actual loss of lives caused by Japan's most recent natural disaster, but, in automotive terms at least, this is the kind of image that can make a big impression on our often one-track minds.

The image seen above (click to enlarge) was taken above Hitachinaka city in Ibaraki prefecture, and we don't have any information as to which manufacturer's cars were located here. Thanks to all who sent this in!

*Update: Video of the shipping yard catching fire after tsunami damage after the break.

[Source: STR/AFP/Getty]

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