Shadow eBike is the world's first wireless bicycle

Daymak is calling its Shadow Ebike "the world's first wireless power-assist electric bicycle." But this kind of wireless tech doesn't mean what you think...

Rather than relying on cables and cords to control the brakes and throttle, the Shadow uses a wireless transmitter to operate all the controls, including starting and stopping the motor and employing the regenerative brakes.

A lithium polymer battery and Daymak's Drive controller are packed into the front wheel, while an LED battery power display and charging port are all incorporated into the front fork. There's even a USB port that allows you to charge your gadgets on the go.

The Ebike is available with either a 250W or 350W electric motor, along with a 36V lithium-ion battery which can keep the bright yellow bike humming along for up to 15 miles on electricity alone or around 20 miles when you use the pedals. Charging takes place in around 4 to 5 hours, and if you're concerned about someone hacking the wireless system and reeking havoc, Daymak claims that the chances are slim to none.

The Ebike is set to go on sale April 30th, but won't come cheap. Pricing starts at $1,999, with upgrades adding to the bottom line.

[Souce: Daymak via Gizmag]

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