Guy Fieri's Lamborghini stolen from dealer by rappelling thief?

What seems more plausible: that a thief dropped down from a dealership's roof, Mission Impossible-style, to boost a Lamborghini? Or that the car in question belonged to a chef? In an alternate reality where the world actually makes sense, the answer would ostensibly be "neither," but we're talking about California here.

The yellow 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo in question didn't belong to any random short-order cook, but to celebrity chef Guy Fieri (above), host of such TV shows as Minute to Win It and the long-running Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Fieri's car was back at the exotic car dealership on San Francisco's Van Ness Avenue overnight when a thief climbed onto the roof of the building, rigged up his gear, rappelled down into the showroom, busted the lock on the garage door and made off (presumably at a rather rapid pace) in Fieri's Gallardo.

Local police figure it wouldn't be easy for the thief to offload the exotic supercar, but from our read of the story, we'd bet that such a prepared thief already had a buyer lined up. And while it may be difficult to sell a stolen rare car locally, if he or she could get it to the docks, it could already be in another country by now. Top tip, Tony!

[Source: San Francisco Chronicle | Image: Jay West/Getty]

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