Pics Aplenty: First production Singer Design 911

First production Singer 911 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Singer has been so kind as to serve up a load of heart-stopping photos of its very first production 911. You may want to set aside a little personal time for this one. If the perfect lines of this particular machine aren't enough to get you licking your chops, allow us to remind you that you're currently eyeballing a host of custom-tailored carbon-fiber body work wrapped around a fully modern Porsche drivetrain. That's right, kids and kiddies, tucked under that classic skirt is a walloping 410-horsepower 3.82-liter flat six engine.

We're fairly certain that we'd be happy to perform any number of nefarious acts to call this creation our very own.

Singer has stitched in Brembo stoppers on all four corners along with Bilstein coilovers to put all that power to the pavement, and the interior is laced with the kind of kit that you'd expect from a vehicle with a price tag that knocks on the door of $200,000. Look around the cabin and you'll see a Heuer chronograph, leather weave seats and an RSR steering wheel, among other goodies.

Trust us. You owe it to yourself to scroll through all 71 photos in our high-res image gallery below.

[Source and Images: Singer]

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