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Followup: 'Ring-Taxi reportedly very much alive, just changing to BMW M3 *UPDATE

Ring Taxi fans rejoice, because rumors of its death may have been exaggerated. Sort of. It appears that OK-Speed-Marketing, BMW and other parties involved have different takes on the matter.

Bimmer enthusiast forum states that BMW is merely switching from the M5 to the new M3. BMW will continue to supply driving talent from its Driving Experience program as well. Over on Bridge-to-Gantry, however, it's being reported that OK-Speed-Marketing is moving away from BMWs altogether. It will continue to operate the official Ring Taxi service with a Porsche 911 997 Clubsport and Mini John Cooper Works in its Ring Taxi stable. Either way, it sounds like you'll still be able to pay someone to haul you around the Nordschleife at giggle-inducing velocities, and that's good news no matter how you slice it. Thanks for the tip, Felix!

*UPDATE: Nürburgring-heroine Sabine Schmitz is still suiting up to rocket passengers 'round the 'Ring. It won't be from the cozy-confines of a BMW but rather a Porsche 997 GT3 RS. The cost to get your Teutonic-terror ride on? $730.

[Source: M3Post, Bridge-to-Gantry, SpeedBee via Jalopnik]

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