BYD looking to launch e6-Eco, S6DM in Europe next year

BYD e6-Eco

China-based BYD Motors displayed two plug-in vehicles at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show: the all-electric 2012 e6-Eco and the S6DM, a dual-mode plug-in hybrid SUV. These vehicles may escape the confines of the auto show floor in Europe soon, since the Chinese automaker is looking to launch both models there by the end of 2012.

BYD's ambitious plans often don't align with reality. When the E6 electric crossover took to the stage at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, the automaker declared that U.S. deliveries would commence by the end of that year. Well, that didn't happen. Now, it looks like the E6 will hit U.S. turf in limited numbers sometime this year, with sales to the general public scheduled for early 2012.

In BYD's defense, Wang Chuanfu, the automaker's chairman and founder, told the Financial Times that predicting sales of its vehicles and managing its extensive dealership network in China have proved to be both difficult and time consuming. Chuanfu claims that those issues have been resolved, stating that, "everything is moving quite smoothly." Who wants to put money down that next year's launch of the e6-Eco and S6DM in Europe goes off without a hitch?

[Source: Financial Times]

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