Report: Ford probing worker abuse claims at Chinese supplier

Blue collar labor in the U.S. has come a long way in the past century, and Ford Motor Company has been among the leading manufacturers in the fight for hospitable working conditions. But while The Blue Oval is a shining symbol of progress here in U.S., the automaker may have some issues with suppliers in China.

The Detroit Bureau reports that an investigation by The Institute for Global Labour & Human Rights reveals that workers at one of Ford's Chinese suppliers are being subjected to 14-hour days, seven-day work weeks and dangerous working conditions. And all that for the equivalent of 80 cents per hour. Further, the report claims that supervisors at the plant force their employees to turn off safety equipment so that they can work faster.

And as a result, there have been at least four major injuries according to the report. One worker, who was referred to as "Worker A," lost three fingers while operating a stamping machine. He received $7,430 for his troubles, compared to $144,000 for a similarly injured U.S. worker. Worker A, like the other injured employees, also lost his job for his troubles. Charles Kernaghan, director of the Institute for Global Labour & Human Rights, is asking that Ford pays about $72,126 to cover the damages for the injured worker.

Ford, for its part, is investigating the claim of worker abuse. The company said in a statement that it takes the situation very seriously, adding "we expect our suppliers to comply with local laws and our Code of Basic Working Conditions." Head over to The Detroit Bureau for the full report.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau | Image: AFP/Getty]

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