Americans racked up 3,000,000,000,000 miles traveled last year

The Department of Transportation has released data revealing that American drivers clocked over 2.9 trillion miles traveled in 2010. According to DOT, that's a .7 percent, or 20.5 billion-mile) increase over 2009, and the highest rate since 2007.

The area between Texas and Kentucky saw the biggest increase in miles traveled at 1.4 percent, with motorists travelling 46.6 billion miles in that area in 2010. The area from Delaware to Florida saw a .4 percent decrease in miles traveled, shaving 214 million miles off that locale's annual total.

Despite the increase in miles traveled, traffic fatalities in 2010 were at their lowest since 1950. We wouldn't expect the same increase in miles driven for next year, as gas prices are expected to climb to $4 a gallon over the summer, but we'll see... Americans love road trips, no?

[Source: Consumer Reports | Image: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty]

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