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Report: UK woman wins 30-hour standoff with parking enforcement officer

Walking out to find a boot on your car is about the third worst thing that can happen to your parked vehicle. (One and two would have to be finding out your car was towed or broken into.) Jessica Davey of Southern England walked out to find her Renault Clio wearing the extra metal on one of its wheels and was afraid that the tow company was next to pay her a visit. She decided to stay with the car and fend off any tow trucks... for the next 30 hours.

According to reports, the reason she got the boot in the first place is that her parking permit was not displayed on her windshield. It was, however, sitting in plain sight on the dashboard but not follow the rules to a T is apparently grounds for a bootin' in her neck of the woods.

Davey was worried that the cost to retrieve her car, should it be towed, would be more than the vehicle was actually worth. Her boyfriend tried removing the boot and was quickly arrested, but later released with no charges filed.

The parking enforcement officer, Anthony Brindley, stuck around to make sure the boot stayed put. Brindley said he could remove the boot if Davey paid the £110 ($180 USD) fee. She continued to stick to her guns and the seat of her Clio. Brindley also hung tough, but 30 hours later he moved on. That's when Jessica Davey set to work and removed the boot herself.

In the end, Jessica Davey and her Renault Clio persevered and tasted freedom. Davey did miss a day of work because of the matter, and we're curious how much that cost her.

[Source: | Image: ecastro/Flickr via CC2.0]

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