Report: Audi developing super lightweight R8 codenamed NF

Audi R8 NF prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery

has hinted that it's in the process of developing an ultra-lightweight version of the R8 codenamed NF. Revealed during a technology demonstration at its lightweight materials facility in Germany, the NF is tipped to debut around 2014.

While there are no photos of the car available, Motor Trend reports that Audi showed off an R8 V10 that had several body panels replaced with carbon fiber units that may well be related to the NF's development. When the NF breaks cover, it is expected to sport a carbon-fiber passenger compartment, with a full cf bulkhead between the occupants and the engine compartment.

Apparently, the NF will incorporate not only its own technology, but pieces from the R8 Spyder, limited-edition R8GT and E-Tron concept. Audi said the prototype at the demonstration was 20 percent lighter than the current aluminum-bodied R8, yet it maintains its structural integrity and crash worthiness. To prove their point, Audi engineers showed off a crash-tested R8 that sported cf roof rails.

[Source: Motor Trend | Images: Audi]

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