Diane Rehm talks oil prices, Middle East unrest and plug-in cars

If you're interested in hearing how the turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East is connected to the recent spike in gas prices, we hope you've got an hour to spare. That's how long it'll take to listen to today's Diane Rehm Show, which is a great "where are we now" piece on a lot of the factors that connect the demonstrators in Libya with Saudi Arabia, the U.S. gas tax with biofuels and more.
Some callers to Rehm's radio program wondered why the price can climb so quickly when there's trouble somewhere (man-made or natural), but the gist of the wide-ranging answer is that the future is uncertain, and that's what is causing gas prices to climb. The U.S. average today is $3.189 a gallon, up almost a nickel from last week.

Rehm's panel this morning included author and Foreign Policy contributing editor Steve LeVine, the Center for American Progress' vice-president for energy policy, Kate Gordon, and Lucian (Lou) Pugliaresi, the president of the Energy Policy Research Foundation (EPRINC). It's kind of interesting to hear Publiaresi play Wormtongue to the oil industry's Saruman throughout the discussion but we expect most readers to disagree with his proposals. Click here to listen to the broadcast. We think you'll be happy you did.

[Source: The Diane Rehm Show]

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