Video: New Transformers 3 commercial hits during Daytona 500

Autobots in NASCAR... who knew? Click above to watch the video after the jump

Excuse us if we're not all that excited about Transformers 3. The novelty of seeing fantastically animated versions of the toys we played with as youngsters died off right about the same time an SR 71 Blackbird turned into old man Decepticon in T2. But hey, at least we can consider watching any movie featuring Megan Fox. Oh wait, she was replaced.

You know what could get us jacked for T3? NASCAR Transformers.

We kid, of course, but it appears we're going to receive exactly that – Autobots with numbers on the doors – even if we didn't ask for them. Hit the jump to watch the latest commercial for the July blockbuster. We're told the ad was aired during the Daytona 500... can't say we were watching. Then again, if NASCAR allows Jimmie Johnson's car to be fitted like the T3 car pictured above, they'd have our attention in 2012.

[Source: YouTube]

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