For all the talk of heavyweight star power, in all but the most extreme cases, it is directors that have the most power on the set, not the celebrities. That's apparently how it happens that Michael Bay has removed Megan Fox from Transformers 3, who is said to have insulted Bay at almost every chance she got, calling him Hitler, Napoleon, a "nightmare to work for," and "hopelessly awkward." Actually, that last comment she meant to be a compliment.

The official line is that Fox was cut because "giving Shia a new love interest makes more sense for the story." If you buy that one of the most popular features of the franchise needed to be replaced – or that Sam Witwicky was looking for a hotter, more badass accomplice, well, we've got a few other things we'd like to sell you. We'll wait to find out who Michael Bay's got in mind to replace her, and who knows – casting hopefuls might be busy learning how to wash his Ferrari as we speak...

[Source: Deadline via Yahoo]

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