Citroën E-3POD Antistatic Concept

For some urban-dwellers, a car is too large and a bike is too impractical. And while automakers have been trying to fill this mobile middle-ground for decades, the results have been less than stellar. Enter Heikki Junoven's E-3POD Antistatic Concept.

The student designer created a three-wheeled concept for Citroën that attempts to tackle the problem of urban transport in a more innovative way than Smart and other mini-car manufacturers by packaging a single driver inside a large hubless wheel. Details on the powertrain are minimal, but a small battery sends power to a motor motivating the two front wheels and the entire structure tilts back to provide increased stability at speed.

Junoven's creation was good enough to land the best overall design award at the Royal College of Art's Interim Degree Show in London and a six-month contract to intern at the PSA design center in Paris where he'll be working alongside Citroën and Peugeot's stylists.

[Source: Carscoop]

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