VST Conversions BWM EV gets faster, lighter, more powerful

While it was only a short four months ago when we first reported on the BMW bi-moto EV Racer, things haven't slowed down at VST Conversions. We wanted to give you an update on this one-of-a-kind electric conversion that is only getting better. Gone are the pair of power packs (one in the passenger compartment and one in the trunk) using Headway cells, and in their place is a custom-designed pack using 300 lithium iron phosphate cells. Not only smaller and more powerful, the new pack barely tips the scales at 150 kg (330 lbs) and is good for a claimed range of 110 miles. Weighing in at 1174 kg (2588 lbs.), the upgraded battery dropped a full 100 kg (220 lbs.) off the car. The battery is capable of 900 hp, even though the VST-built DC Motor can't quite handle that much yet. An even lighter and more efficient liquid-cooled AC motor with permanent magnets is in the works.

VST is using the BMW Conversion as a continual test bed of new technology, and plans on using the information learned from the EV for building a 1,088-hp electric supercar slated for production as early as next year. Considering the attention to detail and amazing execution of the EV Racer, we look forward to bringing you the next chapter of their story.

[Source: Wired / DIY Electric Car]

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