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Back in February of 2009, a fellow hailing from Croatia showed up on DIY Electric Car, a forum for EV builders and conversion enthusiasts, saying he wanted to build an electric that is faster than 99 percent of the ICE cars out there. After many months of trials, tribulations and design changes, "CroDriver" may have done just that. But then, what else would you expect from a guy who uses a derivation of Newton's first law of motion – velocity is equal to distance traveled divided by time taken (V=S/t) – as the name of his company. Introducing the very slick, very quick BMW bi-moto electric vehicle.

So, how quick is it? Quick enough to pull down low 12s in the quarter-mile on an airfield dragstrip. Quick enough to whoop a Tesla in a street race. Quick enough to...well, you get the idea. For Mate Rimac (his "real world" name) though, it's still not quick enough. Not yet.

The 1986 E30 323 BMW that serves as the test bed for VST Conversions has already seen its motors swapped and batteries upgraded. The current configuration features a pair of power packs using Headway cells sending their juice through a Zilla controller to a Netgain WarP11 HV series DC motor capable of pumping out over 500 horsepower at the wheels. The next incarnation should include a new battery pack, a different motor (probably) and will take advantage of a custom two-speed, zero shift transmission to help deliver some serious horses.

While we wait for more news of the latest build, we can take great solace in the fact that Mate has a talented film-making friend who has put together some excellent videos worth watching. Our favorite pair await you after the jump, along with footage of that aforementioned Tesla Roadster street smack down.

[Source: DIY Electric Car]

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