Sirius XM 2.0 to bring pause, repeat and record functionality

Sirius XM's CEO Mel Karmazin said the satellite radio provider was open to bringing Pandora-like personalization features to customers. Pause, resume, record and playback features are all on the menu for 2.0 according to Karmazin, as well as enabling the ability to send custom-picked content to specific IP addresses, perhaps using "like" and "dislike" styles of choosing content. In addition to these new upcoming features, Sirius is constantly adding new channels and content to attract a wider listener base, one of which is planned to be aimed at Hispanic users. Sirius strongly hinted at a user preferences match-making system that may make an appearance. Content is likely to be analyzed by the Sirius XM universe, sorted, then matched for new music to be stored and recommended for the future. Similar features would certainly not be limited to music, expanding to sports, talk and comedy programs as well. Despite declining subscribers during 2010, Sirius believes that these new features will help add more than one million new subscribers and hit their $3 billion dollar goals for 2011.

[Source: CEOutlook, SatelliteSpotlight]

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