Video: Lexus uses the LFA to teach a swimsuit supermodel about donuts

Rhys Millen guides the Lexus LFA supercar around Rianne Ten Haken – Click above to watch video after the jump

Nissan may choose to use its Juke to square off with swimsuit-clad supermodels but Lexus takes a different route to interact with the pretty ladies... a circular one. Photographer Yu Tsai wanted a shot of a Lexus LFA performing a donut around model Rianne Ten Haken. He could've simply spent some time playing in Photoshop, but instead decided to capture the real thing.

Performing a perfect donut without bumping into the scanitly clad star of the photo shoot requires serious skill. Rhys Millen, son of Rod and nephew of Steve, lends his talented hands and feet so this stunt goes off without a hitch. You can tell that Millen has serious skills because they say a car will follow your eyes... and somehow Rhys was able to avert his gaze from Ten Haken. You, on the other hand, can stare wherever you like when you watch the clip posted after the jump.

Of course, we should also mention you can view the super-sized version of the pic above right here. Do the right thing.

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