Evolution of the Drifting Angle (Half a Century Sideways) – Click above to watch video after the jump

Helmut Deimel has been involved in the sport of rallying since the Seventies. During that time he has participated and interacted with some of the all-time greatest drivers to ever click into a racing harness. Deimel's involvment has also allowed him to cultivate a vast archive that spans 50 years of rallying history. He's put it all together into one amazing 90-minute video called Evolution of the Drifting Angle (Half a Century Sideways).

Black-and-white footage gives way to color just as rear-wheel-drive yields to all-wheel-drive. Deimel's film traces the history of a sport where drivers often find themselves driving through the side window. It's a rather long video to watch over the internet, but it's worth sitting through every second. You know you already wasted plenty of time on the Internet so click past the jump, let the video load and spend the next hour-and-a-half watching an excellent video showing the evolution of one of the most exciting forms of motorsports.

[Source: YouTube via ColdTrackDays]

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