2011 KTM 1190 RC8 R gets cheaper, more desirable

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KTM has announced pricing for the company's absurdly sinister 2011 1190 RC8 R, and there's plenty to get excited about. The bike will now go for a full $3,500 cheaper than last year's model, which means that KTM has saddled the machine with an MSRP of $16,499. That number puts the 1190 RC8 R at the same price point as the more mortal 1190 RC8 (non-R), which KTM killed off for this year.

We're guessing that if you laid down cash for either a 2010 1190 RC8 or an 1190 RC8 R, you're kicking yourself as hard as your leg can swing at the moment.

The 2011 1190 RC8 R packs 172 horsepower, thanks in part to its dual-spark ignition system that simultaneously increases power and fuel economy (up to 12 percent compared to the old design), and KTM says that the company's engineers threw in a heavier crank and flywheel to provide smoother acceleration. A minty-fresh ECU, new 52-mm throttle body and idle speed control cam are all part of the mix, too.

Suspension wise, the 2011 1190 RC8 R wears a larger air chamber in the front forks and the rear spring rate has been adjusted for a more comfortable ride. There's even a new set of shifter controls to completely seal the deal. How's that for more bang for your buck?

KTM is also offering a full-race version called the 1190 RC8 R Race Spec that foregoes a headlight, tail light and turn signals in favor of hardcore hardware like a full-titanium exhaust and a dizzying 180 horsepower from the same V-Twin. Expect to shell out $19,999 for the pleasure of twisting the throttle on that titan.

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