More Chrysler factory workers caught enjoying "the plant" at Jefferson North

What is it about working at the Chrysler Jefferson North facility (pictured above) that drives employees to get high? Controversy has bubbled up again in the form of a new report of auto workers at the factory smoking pot during their lunch break.

The last report came in September 2010 when a local Fox News affiliate caught video footage of a group of off-duty Chrysler employees apparently downing a few beers and smoking a joint or two in the company parking lot. This time, Chrysler reportedly busted another three workers - who were evidently not deterred by (or fully cognizant of) the publicity surrounding the previous incident - for partaking in the controlled substance during their downtime.

The automaker reportedly tipped off the man local police to the act on January 24, leading to the workers' arrests. Formal charges have reportedly not yet been filed, however. Two possible outcomes as a result of the arrests? 1. Workers actually wait until they're home to light up next time. 2. Afternoon vending machine revenue at Jefferson North plummets.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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