Study: Gamers take more chances behind the wheel, suffer from road rage

Fact: Playing video games can help speed up reaction times and make a person more sensitive to the environment around them. A study by researchers at the University of Rochester found that people who play video games are generally better at multi-tasking, reading small print and even driving.

On the flip side of this study is one put together by Continental Tires, which shows that gamers also tend to take more risks behind the wheel. On average, 22 percent of gaming drivers reported being stopped by the police, compared to 13 percent on non-gamers. 31 percent of gamers have run a red light in the last 12 months while just 14 percent of non-gamers make the same claim.

Even more glaring is that 45 percent of the gaming drivers polled said they suffer from road rage while only 22 percent of the non-video game playing respondents stated the same. Honestly, judging from the typical morning commute in some major cities (and from the image above, which was captured while playing Gran Turismo 5), we bet both of those figures are just a wee bit on the low side.

[Source: University of Rochester, Jalopnik]

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