Rumormill: BMW could launch 13 front-wheel-drive vehicles by 2016

Rumors about front-wheel-drive vehicles have been swirling around BMW for some time now, and word on the Bavarian street is that this drivetrain shift in BMW's portfolio is set to launch sooner than we may think. Initially, we believed front-wheel drive would be limited to just a sub-compact here and a compact coupe there, but now comes word that the German automaker could produce up to 13 front-wheel-drive vehicles by 2016.

Of course, not all of these vehicles will wear BMW badges – after all, the company's Mini brand only uses front-wheel drive. Inside Line reports that the first BMW-branded car sending power to the front will be the upcoming 1 Series GT, based off the next-generation 1 Series which could also use front-wheel drive. The next-generation X1 and a future subcompact car could also receive a front-wheel drive layout.

[Source: Inside Line]

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