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Report: Japan to implement energy efficiency standards for electric motors

By 2012, Japan plans to implement energy efficiency standards to govern over industrial electric motors. According to a report in the Nikkei, the standards will include specific efficiency targets for each individual type of motor and could impact numerous industries, including the automotive sector.
The goal, it would seem, is to ensure that the next generation of electric motors operate as efficiently as possible. Of course, this could lead to a boost in the driving range of plug-in vehicles and may even improve the fuel economy of conventional autos, which use various types of electric motors to drive vehicle components.

However, the Nikkei concludes its report by nearly lashing out against the implementation of energy efficiency standards, stating:

An estimated 1 trillion yen or so will be spent overall to implement the new standards. A backlash is likely, not only from motor makers that will shoulder the costs, but also from the entire manufacturing sector, which loathe to pass on higher prices to customers. Because motors are used in a wide spectrum of products, retail prices for cars, home appliances and other items will likely be jacked up.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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