Watch This: Lotus Elan's instruments in action

Automakers spend just as much time crafting the insides of their concepts as the outside. But one aspect of the interior that's often overlooked is the gauges and instruments. Not so with Lotus.

Despite having its hands full with not one, not two, but five concepts at last year's Paris Motor Show, Lotus' engineers and designers took the time to create a demo of its next generation instrument panel. The setup is comprised of one large, central-mounted LCD showing revs and speed, with two smaller displays flanking the sides and providing secondary data including navigation and infotainment information. The start up sequence runs through a few pre-flight checks and then displays the tach in the center, while HVAC details and a trick Coverflow-esque animation shows what albums are piping through the stereo. Paul Tan managed to capture the whole sequence on video and you can check it out below.

[Source: Paul Tan]

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