Hey, John McCain, tell us how you really feel. Speaking on CBS News' Face the Nation this past weekend, the Arizona Republican slipped some anti-agriculture subsidies into a statement about ways to reduce the federal budget. Specifically, he said:

I think there may be efficiencies there. ... But we've got to take on some of the sacred cows, Bob. Well, agriculture subsidies are outrageous today. Ethanol is a joke. And it's a multi-billion-dollar spending agri-- at all egg subsidies, sugar subsidies, all this thing. They have to examine. The post office, a model of inefficiency, horse and buggies and the days of-- of-- when internets and communications of-- basically are-- are replacing it more and more. We have to go after the sacred cows.

With that, McCain joined a long line of politicians – including Al Gore – who say the ethanol industry shouldn't be getting the help it does. You can read the full transcript of McCain's remarks here (PDF).
[Source: Face The Nation (PDF) via Argus Leader]

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