High-speed rail projects facing massive cuts

With Republicans in control of Congress and the Federal pursestrings, they've got to make good on their campaign promise to bring spending back in line. Near the top of their cut list is the proposed national high-speed rail program, and during tonight's State of the Union, President Obama will attempt to assuage fears that the GOP axe will slice deep into the country's infrastructure.
The Republican Study Committee has outlined $2.5 trillion in spending cuts over the next 10 years, and rail projects – ranging from Amtrak subsidies to high-speed rail grants – are on the chopping block. How these proposed cuts are going to affect California's planned high-speed rail system, set to connect Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento, remains to be seen, but with only $4 billion in federal funding secured and another $38 billion to go (at least), the chances of the program receiving any more cash in the next two years is unlikely.

[Source: SFGate | Image: Wikipedia]

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