Video: BMW examining future of mobility in four-part documentary

Wherever You Want to Go documentary - Click above to watch video after the jump

We've spent lifetimes obsessing over the next stage in the human transportation saga. Constantly unsatisfied with the humble car, we've looked ever onward toward rocket ships, jet packs and personal flying contraptions of varying design to take care of ferrying us to work in greater comfort and speed than ever before imagined. BMW seems to be willing to wade into that universe with its new four-part documentary on the future of mobility called Wherever You Want to Go. The film delves into the various forms of what we think of as futuristic transportation by speaking with everyone from Buzz Aldrin to Syd Meade, Robin Chase and Marissa Mayer.

If you're thinking this all sounds like an automaker rallying the troops against the internal combustion engine, don't be so sure. The short trailer for the film features a ride in a Superbird clone, so it can't be all bad. Hit the jump to soak up the trailer. BMW will release the films on February 1, 8, 15 and 22nd, so stay tuned.

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