Rumormill: Alfa Romeo 4C GTA concept coming to Geneva

The Fiat Group has got big plans for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The Italian automaker will, first of all, be unveiling rebadged versions of existing Chrysler group products for the European market, with a Dodge rebadged as a Fiat and several Chryslers anticipated to debut with Lancia nameplates as well. But what of Alfa Romeo? According to reports, the hottest of Fiat's core family will roll in with an all-new concept car.

Tentatively dubbeed the 4C GTA, the show car is tipped to pack a 265-horsepower 1.7-liter turbo four into a svelte coupe package. Like the MiTo and Giulietta, the 4C will likely take its design cues after the 8C Competizione (and hopefully a little from the Pininfarina 2uettotanta pictured above) only slotting in below the eight-cylinder supercar in the company's line-up.

Of course it would have to be approved for production first, and right now all we've got are rumors from our unrelated Hellenic compatriots, so stay tuned.


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