Report: Volkwagen Twincharger could be killed

Autocar is reporting that Volkswagen may soon drop the axe on its twin-charged gasoline engine. Why? The automaker seems to have come to the shocking revelation that the 1.4-liter mill is too complex and expensive to produce. In other news, researchers have discovered that water is still, in fact, wet.
The engine combines both a turbocharger and supercharger to decrease the effect of turbo lag and increase drivability. Moving forward, the people's automaker is said to be interested in pursuing a turbocharged engine that can produce similar horsepower and fuel economy at a much lower production cost. If it's good enough for the Chevrolet Cruze, we're guessing that Volkswagen's engineers think that it's good enough for the company's products.

VW netted several awards for its 1.4-liter, twincharged four-cylinder engine, including the Engine of the Year award in 2009 and 2010. Whether or not the rumors dusting up from Autocar about the lump's demise are true or not remains to be seen. Stay tuned.

[Source: Autocar]

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