Poll: Jeremy Clarkson best role model for boys, second only to David Beckham

Don't get us wrong; we really and truly enjoy ourselves some Jeremy Clarkson every now and again, just so long as it's in measured doses, of course. But to consider the top bloke at Top Gear as a role model for boys? Now, that there might just be a bridge too far.

All the same, a new poll administered by Disney XD asked 601 male children in the UK between the ages of eight and 14, and the results suggest that the litl'uns chose Clarkson as their second favorite role model, behind only football superstar David Beckham. *Sigh.*

Also placing highly in the minds of young British boys was another footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alan Sugar (self-made billionaire and host of the UK version of The Apprentice) and Daniel Radcliffe (star of the Harry Potter movies). Bill Gates, Simon Cowell, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber and Roger Federer rounded out the list.

Can we all just agree that one Jeremy Clarkson is all the world is capable of handling? And really... wouldn't you just rather be The Stig?

[Source: Metro.co.uk | Image: AFP/Getty]

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