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Video: Australian flood sweeps away parking lot of cars

Australian parking lot flood – Click above to watch video after the jump

Australia is under assault by rain and undergoing one of its worst natural disasters in its history. Flood waters in the state of Queensland have ripped through numerous cities. Over 30 lives have been lost and many others are still missing. Homes are ruined and many more are at risk as the surge heads into Brisbane; Australia's third largest city. Damage estimates are already being pegged as high as $13 billion. One person was recently able to capture just how quickly a stream of water can turn into a raging river.

Filming from the balcony of their Toowoomba office, the video recorder watched as water levels grew higher until they were high enough to begin picking up parked cars (including a hapless Subaru WRX STI) and carrying them away. Hop the jump to see the clip, which includes a bold SUV driver at around 1:10 that refuses to lose his 4x4 to the rising waters (note how he appears to take the time to lock the front hubs on his Nissan). Also, If you feel like helping out, Australia could certainly use it right now.

[Source: YouTube]

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