Senna out, Karthikeyan in at Hispania Racing Team for 2011

How the mighty have fallen. But when they do, someone else invariably needs to fill their shoes. And so comes two parallel developments from the lower rungs of the Formula One ladder.

In one corner we have Bruno Senna, the highly-anticipated nephew of the late great Ayrton Senna. The young Brazilian made his debut in F1 last season but failed to shine, and now it looks like his career in grand prix racing could be over almost as soon as it started. The Hispania Racing Team for which he drove last season has opted not to renew his contract for 2011, and with most of the other seats already spoken for, his options aren't looking too hot.

In his place, HRT has opted for one Narain Karthikeyan. The Indian racer drove for Jordan back in 2005 – punctuated by a big crash at the Chinese Grand Prix that year – before spending two seasons as a test driver for Williams. Karthikeyan has since driven for HRT chief Colin Kolles' Le Mans Series outfit, and returns to F1 (with crucial backing from Tata) just in time for the inaugural Indian Grand Prix. HRT has yet to confirm its second driver, but one thing's for sure: it ain't Bruno,

[Source: Autosport | Images: Manuel Lorenzo/AFP/Getty, Jerry Markland/Getty]

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