Since its launch in 2008, participants in the Mini E program, a lease program for the 612 all-electric Mini Es, had no official electronic communication system with BMW regarding their electric vehicles. This is why lessees often resorted to posting their questions and frustrations on MINI E's Facebook page. BMW addressed some of the issues raised through an emailed monthly newsletter called "Plugged In." This wasn't an ideal situation – and BMW has learned from its mistake. Realizing the importance of two-way dialogue, it has launched a forum for all things related to the ActiveE, the new electric vehicle BMW will be leasing later in the year after the MINI E program ends. The forum is open to anyone, and BMW is asking MINI E drivers to help them create the "BMW EV Mobile App" by providing specific information that would help non-EV drivers decide whether or not the ActiveE is right for them.

The MINI E program ends in June, but the Active E, which still has no official release date, is not expected until September at the earliest. To accommodate the driving needs of their MINI E lessees that are continuing on with the Active E, BMW also announced that they are working on a plan to extend the leases for these customers so as not to leave them without a vehicle during the gap between programs. After all, a happy customer is a loyal customer likely to extol the virtues of their bimmers.

[Source: All Cars Electric, Plug In Cars]

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