New study says driving convertibles can damage your hearing

Are you the type of driver who prefers the wind in your hair and infinite amounts of headroom? We're speaking about you here, Mr. Convertible driver, and we need to have a talk about your hearing – I said, "WE NEED TO HAVE A TALK ABOUT YOUR HEARING." In case your subscription hasn't arrived yet, a new study published in the Journal of Laryngology and Otology finds that driving a car with its convertible top down for long periods of time may lead to permanent hearing damage.

The study examined noise levels in a handful of drop tops and found that sound levels regularly exceeded the recommended work safety level of 85 decibels. Occasional spikes in noise levels due to increased speed or passing trucks pushed the sound to 90 db and above. The study recommends wearing ear plugs or a hood when traveling for extended periods with the top down. It also advises that motorists keep the top up if the journey will be long and speeds will exceed 52 miles per hour. Way to spoil all the fun of a convertible, scientists...

Even quicker way to damage your hearing? Drive your convertible to a NASCAR race. Or do lots and lots of burnouts like we did... whatever works for you.

[Source: Daily Mail]
Photo copyright ©2011 Drew Phillips / AOL

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