Video: Lady Camaro driver has bad day, tries to escape police, succeeds in burnout

This is the last place you want to do a burnout – Click above to watch video after the jump

When Johnny Law has you and your fourth-generation Chevrolet Camaro convertible cornered, your best bet is to turn off the engine and put your hands where they're clearly visible. While that may be the smart play, not everyone enjoys taking the easy route. One woman apparently decided to put on a show for the officer boxing her in – by ramming his car and allowing her tires to put on one heck of a smoke show.

Amusingly, the display of rear-wheel drive shenanigans was apparently enough to completely frazzle a nearby Mercedes-Benz E-Class. When you watch the video, note that the passing Benz driver couldn't flee the scene fast enough, yet they were also seemingly paralyzed by fear – or at least indecision. Click past the jump to watch this train-wreck of a traffic stop. Thanks for the tip, Syed!

[Source: YouTube]

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