Online Find of the Day: 2000 Ferrari Enzo mule

Ferrari Enzo mule – Click above for high-res image gallery

It's not every day that a Ferrari mule comes up for sale, but that day, ladies and gentlemen, has arrived. What you see here may look like an old 348, maybe with some 355 components retrofitted. But what you're actually looking at is one of the mules that gave rise to the all-conquering Enzo supercar.

The car may wear modified 348 bodywork – disguising evaluation testers with existing sheetmetal is common practice in Maranello – but like so many things, it's what's inside that counts. And in this case, it's a 670-horsepower V12 derived from the Scuderia's Formula One racing program, but adapted for roadcar use and mated to a six-speed paddle-shift transmission.

Enamored of the Enzo's performance, but less so of its styling? This could be your once-in-a-lifetime chance. Think of it the same way as the 288 GTO was to the F40, only one-of-a-kind, and suddenly the Langenfeld, Germany dealer's 750,000 Euro (a cool $1M at today's rates) asking price doesn't seem quite so extravagant, though it's not much cheaper than a full-on factory Enzo. Have a closer look in the high-res image gallery below and then be sure to take a look at Modena Motorsport's website. Thanks for the tip, Juan Pablo!

[Source: Modena Motorsport]

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