Video: What should Alex Roy's next car be?

Alex Roy needs your help picking his next car – Click above to watch video after the jump

Alex Roy is using his Fast Lane Daily video column to ask for your help. The transcontinental speed specialist has just moved to Santa Monica, California and his record-setting Polizei-liveried BMW is not exactly legal at the moment. He has about $20k to spend on a used car and he wants viewers to weigh-in on what he should buy.

His criteria? An automatic transmission due to the horrible LA traffic, and all-wheel drive... due to the horrible LA weather? He also wants a vehicle that will help him blend in with the crowd to help him keep away from Johnny Law and his ticket book. Obviously, Roy leans German right off the bat, naming a few Audi and BMW models he would consider but then expands his choices to include various Volvo and Jeep vehicles.

Roy wants to know what cars or trucks he is leaving out, and he wants you to help him. Hop the jump to hear Roy's criteria and then leave your suggestions in Comments.

[Source: YouTube]

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