Crossing the line in the canyons – Click above to watch video after the jump

There are plenty of roadways in and around Los Angeles that provide excellent opportunities to test a vehicle. Blind curves, dramatic elevation changes and scenic vistas combine to create wonderful stretches of asphalt. These roads attract great drivers and amazing machines, but they also attract more than a few idiots lacking in the common sense department. Those double-yellow lines running down the middle of the road are there for a reason, and ignoring isn't just bad form, it's dangerous.

One particular stretch of road that's popular with Southern Californian drivers is Mulholland Highway. A camera crew is usually on-hand over the weekends, and one group has strung together a video showing a collection of lane-crossers showing off some genuinely lousy driving. Stay in your lane and hop the jump to watch the video. Thanks for the tip, Brandon!

[Source: YouTube]

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